About Yoni Binus

Yoni Binus is a Leadership Coach and Consultant who works primarily with School Leaders and Boards. He was the Head of School of the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School for eight years and began consulting and coaching over the past two years.

After obtaining a Masters of Education in Counseling, Yoni spent four years as a school counselor, followed by two as a principal, and then he began serving as Head of School for Heilicher. This path to Headship instigated a steep and meaningful learning process that has given him perspective on how to support School Leaders who range from entirely new to the middle and later ranges of their tenures as Heads. 

Yoni’s approach to leadership is inclusive and strategic and relies heavily on visioning and planning as a platform for success and clarity. A team approach to strategizing and problem-solving is key to his style and he believes that delegation and empowerment are necessary components to a healthy leadership structure. He also believes that finding a balanced approach to work, with well maintained boundaries, is critical to the health and success of employees and organizations.

Yoni is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and has lived in San Francisco, Claremont, CA, Minneapolis, and, currently, Duluth, Minnesota. He is a lover of movies, trivia, and games of all kinds and gets out and about each day for a long walk or run.