Employees Have A Choice

Treat your employees well. It is the right thing to do. It always has been. Not everyone will be happy and not everyone will see fairness and ‘good’ treatment the same way. But in every industry, leaders can look around at competitors and peers and see how their employees are treated. Every organization can listen … Read more

Leadership Skills And DEIJ Development

There are so many rich and wonderful resources just an arm’s length away when we are leaders of organizations with several to hundreds of employees, including the experiences, wisdom, innovation, drive, and optimism of those around us. Employees can provide incredible insight into the culture and spoken and unspoken practices of an organization. They can … Read more

Integrity In The Workplace

I like this blog post from Suzi McAlpine about the importance of integrity in the workplace because it speaks to me as an employee who left his longtime leadership post (somewhat coincidentally) during the Great Resignation. There’s a lot more to say about the Great Resignation, in terms of what is causing it and how … Read more