The Program

Yoni Binus: A summary of the Vision Centered Leadership Program

Four Phases of Vision Centered Leadership Coaching

Phase I: Develop and strengthen leadership style, educational philosophy, and vision for the school

  • Through rigorous dialogue and analysis the school leader and coach work together enrich and articulate vision statements
  • These statements are continually referenced and refined throughout the year, as the coach and leader work and learn together
  • This process results in a five year vision broken down into a 6 month plan and 1 year plan of implementation

Phase II: Design a map for the year and beyond, including action steps and delegation systems

  • Through guided organizational exercises, the school leader designs a concrete plan, with tangible outcomes and benchmarks, to assess progress 
  • Through research and assessments the leader and coach work together on collaboration and delegation approaches that fit the style and goals of the leader and culture of the organization

Phase III: Support implementation, accountability, and crisis management, if needed

  • Through bi-weekly meetings, the leader and coach review goals, make adjustments, discuss challenges, and assess progress
  • A coach is available and on-call year-round for additional sessions related to crisis management, strategy sessions, communications, or brainstorming. Coach will usually be available within 5 to 10 hours of contact and up to 6 of these one hour sessions are available before an additional fee may be assessed

Phase IV: Review the year, assess progress, and begin vision for the coming year

  • Coach and leader will engage in assessments of leaders’s progress and coach’s work with the leader
  • Leader and coach will create an implementation plan for the coming school year, based on the leader’s long. This work begins in Phase III, but is completed in the final Phase